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1kHz L&R - 10dB - Various - Test Disc II (CD)

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  1. Nov 21,  · The best test CD to use for these types of tests is the Denon Audio Technical CD (38C) pressed in /4. I have several of these, along with the CBS-1, a Sony YEDs and a few others. The Denon is permanently in my test reference CD player on the bench.
  2. Fig.2 SOTA Vanguard II, crosstalk (right–left dashed, 10dB/vertical div.). A spectral analysis of the Vanguard's output when playing a –90dB, dithered 1kHz sinewave is shown in fig The overall noise level is low, with a slightly rising response above 10kHz, the result of the DAC's noise shaping.
  3. Autosound has created this series of test CDs for the professional and the serious hobbyist. Each disc is designed to test a specific performance parameter of your vehicle's audio system. Disc One contains 99 tracks, many of which focus on bass. You get , Hz sweeps, low frequency bursts, sine waves, and other useful tracks.
  4. Orange Book Part-II Recordable Compact Disc System Part-II, Philips and Sony Corp., Version or higher. Orange Book Part-III ReWritable Compact Disc System Part-III, Philips and Sony Corp., Version or higher. OSTA UDF OSTA Universal Disk Format, including support for CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-R/RW and DVD-ROM devices, Version or higher.
  5. 17 Hz dB Sine Wave L-R CD Player Test Signals (For S/N, THD, Frequency Response, Etc.) 45 11kHz+12kHz 1/1 dB Various Measurement Signals I (Frequency Spot Of Sine Wave) Various Measurement Signals II (Frequency, Level, Phase Sweep Of Sine Wave).
  6. There are three catalog number: C (spine and matrix), CEX (front), 38C (CD). Spine/matrix has the common number of all. Barcode and Other Identifiers/5(2).
  7. JVC VT Audio test tape SEPARATION TEST 1kHz dB. 1 piece / 1 pcs. according to the IEC standard of March Please the original Blook at pictures!! Please look at the original pictures!! Packaging and shipping: Offer pictures Payment Shipping partner: German postal service/ DHL Have fun and success at our auctions!!!Seller Rating: % positive.
  8. Fig.2 Assemblage DAC-1, crosstalk R–L (L–R dashed, 10dB/vertical div.). A spectral analysis of the DAC-1's output when decoding a 1kHz, –90dB dithered sinewave (fig.3) revealed very low noise, good isolation of the audio circuits from power-supply noise, and excellent DAC behavior.
  9. Using the Meitner LIM Detector to assess the No's jitter performance, FFTs of the LIM Detector output are shown in figs (full-scale, 1kHz sinewave input signal to the No) and 11 (–90dBFS input). (Source was the CBS CD-1 test disc played on the Levinson No transport with .

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